Update [31.08.2019 - 21:30 (UTC+2h)]: Fixed a small, but not game-breaking bug (just some missing UI update) and uploaded Windows version 2. HTML version has been updated as well. ("Funfair - Windows.zip" is still the original version uploaded before the deadline.)


This game is an entry for the Community Game Jam.

In (F)unfair you are the manager of a funfair. You design the layout by placing paths and building stands with games for your customers. To earn more money you have the option of rigging your games. However, customers won't be happy being scammed and lied to. If there happens to be an unsatisfied customer expressing their anger, you have to "take care" of the problem. Don't let the satisfaction level of your customers stay too low, or less visitors will come to your funfair.

Theme implementation:

The theme of this game jam was "The game is a liar". We usually don't like to choose the most obvious interpretation of a jam theme, which in this case would be the video game itself lying to the player. Hence we started to think about where real-life games are "lying" to their players and soon rigged funfair games came to our minds. We wanted to make a video game that builds around this aspect, and the result is a mini-tycoon where you have to scam NPCs with rigged funfair games.

Gameplay / Controls:

Gameplay instructions and controls are explained in-game.

Technical details:

  • The game was made in Unity.
  • All used graphics and sounds have been made by ourselves (except the font - see below).
  • Used font: Press Start 2P (Open Font License)
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
AuthorsAndreas Roschal, woergbi
Made withUnity
TagsPixel Art, Tycoon
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


(F)unfair - Windows.zip 20 MB
(F)unfair - Windows - V2.zip 20 MB


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I have an idea, what if the stands would have a fourth level? Maybe it could be like a possibility to choose the cost, and lower cost would be less people buying it, but more money! The cost would still always be higher with a higher rigging, but the amount of people buying it would'nt change with the rigging still. By the way good game! And I agree that saving would be great.

yeh saving would be gr8




Could you please publish the source code? i would like to improve the game for myself.


I started off by only scamming people a little bit, but quickly realised that you can only make any progress by scamming to the max. The upgrades were of the stalls were funny and it was a nice touch that the roofs indicate their levels. Though, the music was kinda annoying (no seperate sliders for sfx and music).

There is a lot of potential for expanding the game. I would like to see some income management. For example, you hire guards to walk around; instead of bying them (for life?). Restocking stalls also doesn't cost any money. I don't know if how much you scam influences how quickly stock runs out, but I think this should be the case.

In the end I manage to get the humble unfair park pictured below.

yus i agree with dis

also saving is needed