This game has been made in 2 weeks for the LOWREZJAM 2020.

In Penguins on Ice you play as a penguin that (more or less voluntarily) slides down an iceberg and cannot slow down. You have to evade all sorts of obstacles to make it safely to the end.

This game has been strongly inspired by the infamously difficult racing level of the classic game Battletoads.

Content and Features

  • 4 levels with increasing difficulty.
  • An endless mode with an online leaderboard to compete against others.

Theme Interpretation

For this game jam we had a handful of themes to choose and inspire from. We incorporated the themes "Always moving" (as the main gameplay mechanic) and "Slippery" (as the game's setting --> penguin sliding on ice) in our game.


Keyboard & Mouse

In Menu:

  • WASD / Mouse: Navigate
  • Space / Left MB: Click

In Game:

  • WASD: Move
  • Space: Jump
  • Esc: Pause

Gamepad (XBox)

In Menu:

  • Analog Stick: Navigate
  • A Button: Click

In Game:

  • Analog Stick: Move
  • A Button: Jump
  • Start Button: Pause

Note: For entering a name on the leaderboard, keyboard input is required.


You control a penguin sliding down an iceberg. From left and right, obstacles will start to spawn in which you have to evade by either moving out of the way or jumping over them (Note that some obstacles are too tall to jump over!). Obstacles are indicated blinking red before actually spawning to give you a heads up on what's coming at you. When you collide with an obstacle it's game over and you have to start from the beginning. If you manage to reach the finish line unharmed, you win.


There are 4 levels for you to play named to represent their respective difficulty:

  • Easy: This level has a slow speed and easy obstacle sequences to help you learn the different obstacle types.
  • Medium: This level has a moderate speed and a bit more challenging obstacle sequences.
  • Hard: This level has a fast speed and hard but fair obstacle sequences.
  • Hell: This level has a fast speed and very hard, often unfair obstacle sequences, including traps and troll obstacles. This level is designed such that it is impossible to beat on the first try, as you have to memorize the troll obstacles and movement patterns to succeed. If you beat this level you have truly mastered our game.

Endless Mode and Leaderboard

The endless mode is accessible from the main menu. Here there is no finish line and the level will go on forever. (Note that the endless level is seeded, so it will have the same sequence of obstacles every time you start anew, allowing you to memorize them.) In this endless mode you get scored by how far you made it. On game over you have the option to enter your name (only up to 4 characters though because of limited screen space) and submit your score to the online leaderboard. The leaderboard is also accessible anytime from the main menu.

Assets and Resources

All assets and resources have been created ourselves - with one exception being the font (Graph 35+ pix).


Penguins on Ice - 21 MB


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I absolutely LOVE this game. It has a unique design, and the cutest pixel art! 10/10