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Note: In the WebGL build, some menu fonts are cut off slightly at the top. Use the downloadable Windows version, if this bothers you.

Rolley Sh❤t

In Rolley Sh❤t you are a dung beetle an want to impress your love... by creating the biggest ball of sh*t this world has ever seen, of course. Roll up everything in your path and make your dream come true.


You start with a small ball of sh*t and need to increase its size by rolling up obstacles in your way, whether they are alive or not. A green border indicates if your ball is large enough to absorb another obstacle.

Watch out to not hit anything that your ball of sh*t can't handle yet. If your ball of sh*t is hit by anything larger than it, you will take damage and lose progress. You recover health by absorbing obstacles again.

You can evade too large obstacles by either moving out of their way or by jumping over them. There might be situations were jumping is your only option.

You can also shoot your ball in front of you to quickly roll over obstacles in your way. A shot ball cannot be damaged by any holes on its way.

Collect power-ups to temporarily gain benefits.


Move: WASD
Jump / Skip intro: Space
Aim: Mouse
Shoot your ball: Left mouse button

Install instructions

Download zip file and unpack.


Rolley Shit - 16 MB


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Surprisingly fun for such a simple idea! I like the scale progression through the levels, and the end screen!