“Turn the Fight” combines the game genres “Turn-Based Game” and “Beat’em Up / Fighting Game”.


In this game, two players are fighting each other by alternately performing randomly generated button/key-combos. When combos are successfully performed, the executing player pushes the other one back. Once a player is pushed to the edge of the fighting-platform, the attacking player gets the opportunity to perform a hard (long) finisher-combo. If succeeded, the player wins. Otherwise, the other player can counter with a slightly easier (shorter) combo to turn the tide and get back into the game.


  • The game supports up to two players
  • Keyboard and Gamepad (X Box) inputs can be used
  • You can fight against an CPU (or even let two CPUs fight against each other)

Technical Details

  • The game was made in Unity 2D
  • All sounds and graphics were made by ourselves

What we would have added or changed if there was more time

  • More playable characters and a character-selection screen
  • Multiple stages
  • Difficulty settings for NPC players
  • Special effects (e.g. camera shakes)
  • More animations for attacks (currently only one per character)
  • Background music and UI sounds
  • Rework some sounds in general

! ! ! EDIT ! ! !

We uploaded version 2 builds (V2 files) of the game where we now show the mouse cursor in the menus, as we solved a bug which would occur when highlighting a menu button with the cursor.

As we don't want to override our initial game entry for Ludum Date 41, the old versions are still available.

Install instructions

Download the ZIP-file and extract its content. Run "TurnTheFight.exe".


Turn The Fight - 32 Bit 12 MB
Turn The Fight - 64 Bit 14 MB
Turn The Fight - 32 Bit - V2.zip 12 MB
Turn The Fight - 64 Bit - V2.zip 14 MB

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